Matthew J. Hill Work 2013 ''''Preludes''''
6/1/2013 - 6/30/2013

Matthew J. Hill Work 2013 ''''Preludes''''


6/1/2013 - 6/30/2013


Matthew J Hill
Works 2013   ‘Preludes’
Gone is most of the ‘dry’ Conceptualism’ of previous work as I discover the pleasure of working with the limitless possibilities provided by the plasticity of oil paint. And of course colour.
A return to traditional media,  canvases and oil paint:  
These works,  come from intuition, memory and a shared European culture
My delight of working without the constraints of commencing a work with a specific intended meaning always brings me to…………… questions.  How do I take this paint and fill the space before me with an image I will be content with?
 what do I have to help me? 
there are no preparatory sketches, photos or plans
I rely only on my intuition, my imagination, memories  and my experience[[][[]][[][[]]]s]
and so, the painting may be finished in weeks 
or it may take years before I see a meaning start to appear.
another question?
do I want this meaning or must it be hidden away and a new one found?
in this set of works this has been the process I have u


Matthew J. Hill