8/16/2020 - 8/29/2020


8/16/2020 - 8/29/2020


Jolin’s exhibition, Lost, dwells on the idea of “lost & loss”, at this stage of her life, adolescents may feel lost, at lost in what path to walk on, and at lost in life in general. Life itself is in the midst of loss, in life there will always be a loss, there’s a loss in every new creation, since the old will eventually be abandoned. There’s also the loss in every choice being made, as one choice is made at the cost of another. Hence, this concept of lost and loss prevails through her work. The theme that generally revolves around her creations is social issues. As she is constantly aware of what is happening in people’s everyday life. Another reason is that she wants her artworks to be able to be presented to and resonate with a broader audience. A specific topic she tends to explore within the theme of social problems is environmental issues. An often recurring subject matter within this sub-topic is animals, as animals are part of the natural world; and they are often the victims of human-caused environmental change or disasters. They get it way worse than human beings since they live in nature, which is closer to the damaged source. Overtime, these animals will be extinct if environmental problems are not solved, resulting in the loss of both the animals and its habitat . Hence, Jolin’s works tend to center around how the animals are affected, mostly presenting it in a sarcastic way, in the hopes that this can also spread awareness. Jolin enjoys the use of satire as a form of expression in her work, and the main inspiration for her behind the use of this method is an artist named John Holcroft, a British editorial illustrator who is known to depict social issues and modern behavior in a satirical way. Moreover, it’s also because she likes to keep the visuals more positive, and in this case, what the audience sees at first glance will be different once they take a closer look and analyze the work. Lastly, another form of execution she enjoys using is through the use of monochromatic color schemes. Her monochromatic color choice automatically sets the mood which portrays a sense of lost, whether it’s lost in the sense of abandonment, or lost in the sense of mystery, or the lost in the sense of being out of place, or lost in the sense of being mesmerized by the scenery within the artwork. 

陳俋錚的畫展,“失”,主要圍繞“失去”和“迷茫”的概念展開, 在她這個人生階段,青春期會讓人陷入迷茫,對自己的未來道路產生迷茫,對人生感到迷茫。而人生本來就會有得有失,如朝代一樣棄舊換新。我們也會在人生種種選擇中失去一些東西,以當作得到另一個東西的代價。所以,“失去”和“迷茫”兩個概念貫穿她所有作品。她的作品探討了很多社會問題。她認為人們平常的所見所聞很有趣。當然也是為了讓她的作品能和更多的觀眾產生共鳴。當人們談論起社會問題的時候,常會提到環境的議題,環境議題大都會討論動物,因為他們是在人類工業化發展下的犧牲品。過了不久,這些動物就會因為環境問題沒有解決而面臨滅絕。因此俋錚希望她的作品能讓人們更加重視這個環境議題。另外,她想讓她的作品帶有一點諷刺的意味,一位她很欣賞的畫家John Holcroft就是把這種諷刺感放進他的作品裡。俋錚一般喜歡讓作品看起來開朗一點,在這種情況下,觀眾第一眼看到她的作品會和他們仔細看的時候產生不同的感官體驗。此外,她的作品也經常用單色調的繪畫風格來呈現,因為她覺得顏色的應用可以呈?出一幅作品擁有“迷茫”的氣氛和意境,在被遺棄中感到迷茫,在神秘感中感到迷茫,在格格不入中感到迷茫,或者在被作品吸引的同時感到迷茫。


Jolin Chen, currently a junior in high school. Growing up, she has always had an interest in art. As a child, she enjoyed viewing illustrations in storybooks or just everyday visuals on the streets as well as designs on product packaging. Hence, Jolin started learning art when she was little, which allowed her to have a good foundation. Yet, it isn’t until this past year, roughly around the time when she turned sixteen, that she seriously started to create her own artwork. So far, she has mainly produced 2D works, and has experimented with mediums like watercolor, acrylic, and charcoal. She is however starting to explore and work towards making 3D pieces. 
Aside from art, Jolin enjoys various sports. She grew up playing a variety of sports in which she’s the best at swimming. In addition, she enjoys reading novels and watching movies or tv shows during her free time. 

陳俋錚,今年就讀高二。她從小時候就對藝術很有興趣,她常常會看兒童讀物裡面的圖片,路邊的藝術海報甚至漂亮的包裹包裝紙她也很喜歡。我很快便學習了畫畫,這也讓她有了不錯的繪畫基礎。不過,大概在16歲的時候她才真正開始創作她自己的藝術作品。而目前的作品大都是2D的,其中使用過水彩、?克力?料和木炭來畫畫。 目前,她正在努力製作3D的作品。而除了畫畫,俋錚也喜歡運動,比如游泳。另外,她也喜歡在休閒時間讀小說或看電影。